Tuesday, 28 October 2014


I have this tendency to flit in and out of the present moment. Sometimes it will only be for a few seconds, other times my mind wanders for a few minutes. With the end of semester drawing to a close, I have been hit with a wave of nostalgia. Becoming sentimental about things that I probably shouldn't be sentimental about. Over the weekend, my family had a vote about whether or not two trees on our property should be cut down. I can see both of the trees from my bedroom, in fact, I can see both of them when I am lying in bed.

I have two special memories associated with those trees. Many years ago, I saw a parent Myna bird teaching its chicks how to fly. They were all lined up on one branch, which was very close to a gutter, and one by one, each chick flapped their wings for a second or two before landing on the gutter. The other time, I saw two kookaburras fighting over a worm akin to a game of tug-o-war.

& life goes on.
Friday, 24 October 2014


But tonight I'm gonna give in one last time
Rock you strong in these arms of mine
Forget all the regrets that are bound to follow
We're like fire and gasoline
I'm no good for you
You're no good for me
We only bring each other tears and sorrow
But tonight, I'm gonna love you like there's no tomorrow

I love country music (George Strait, Lady Antebellum, Lee Brice, Chris Young, Rascal Flatts, etc) and I am in love with Tomorrow by Chris Young.

Hope everyone has a lovely weekend.
Friday, 17 October 2014

Night Noodle Markets


Despite some hesitation, I did end up visiting the Night Noodle Market at Hyde Park.The pretty lights convinced me that I needed to visit although naturally, we ended up going when it was still light outside and therefore the lights were not turned on. Of course.



A. and I shared the beef ramen burger and also the teriyaki chicken rice burger. Hmm. Where to begin. Well the rice burger was mainly consumed by myself and by the end of it, my jaw was tired from trying to break down the 'buns' of the burger. When I was younger, we didn't have a non-stick rice cooker therefore every time we cooked rice, a layer of rice would be stuck and it was hard and almost inedible. That was basically what the rice buns reminded me of. Sometimes I feel that I can be quite harsh when it comes to giving my opinion, and then sometimes I don't. When it comes to food, nearly everything falls under the opinion of, "It's alright" and when I actually don't like something, I really really don't like it. Sadly, this fell into the latter category.

Mini pancakes w/ chocolate sauce and strawberries.



A. was still a little hungry which justified our trip to Pancakes on the Rocks. We shared the Hot 'n' Troppo with crepes substituted for the pancakes. I am actually not a big fan of pancakes and after my 3 day stint of eating pancakes for breakfast everyday in Toronto (it was free!), I have been put off about the idea of pancakes. 


Thursday, 9 October 2014


I am sick. This is a tad inconvenient since I have a 100% weighted exam mid next week and my energy levels are at an all time low. Marathoning tv shows - namely Ugly Betty at the moment -aren't as fun when that is the only viable option. I guess it is less satisfying as I am not procrastinating from doing work.

I sometimes feel as though I mentally prepare for the wrong season, which I believe is largely attributable to the fact that I spend so much time on Tumblr or reading blogs from the northern hemisphere. When I am approaching summer, I am longing for winter and when it is winter, I am longing for summer. Seeing all the autumn photos and the changing leaves from deciduous leaves are making me nostalgic. Of course though, for a winter that never happens in Sydney. Seeing all these pumpkin spiced recipes and all the seasonal Starbucks drinks stimulates my cravings. Although when I was overseas, I did try the fall seasonal drinks - such as the pumpkin spiced latte and salted caramel mocha- and actually disliked them, so I'm not really sure where these 'cravings' are coming from. 

Throwback to me trying to awkwardly capture the moment when I threw leaves in the air. 

Friday, 3 October 2014

September Favourites

It is October! September was a pretty good month though I am sad to see the cooler weather go. Whilst most people seem to enjoy summer and like to skip winters (although Sydney winters are hardly a proper winter), I like to skip summers. I have sort of skipped the past two Australian summers which is awesome. In 2012/2013 I was in North America and Europe, and although I spent most of the 2013/2014 summer in Sydney, I did manage to miss the crazy heatwaves of the mid 40s because I was over in New Zealand which was significantly cooler. My favourite months in terms of weather are: May and September. I digress! This wasn't the point of this entry. This will be a collection of things that I have enjoyed this month.

#1 Thursday Plantation - Nurture Oil

For the past year, I've been more conscious of the products that I put on my face. Namely, I want to use more natural products. Although it is a bit odd since none of my makeup products are natural products. This has oils such as: calendula, mandarin, hypericum, rosehip, lavender, grapeseed, wheat germ and sweet almond. I use it at night after I have cleansed my face and before I put on my moisturiser. My face feel so much nicer ever since I've started to use it.

#2 Dr Lewinn's Hand and Nail Cream

I know it is marketed as a hand and nail cream and although it works fairly decently for that purpose, I use it as my facial moisturiser instead and it is amazing! My skin is so much softer and for some reason, it helps with my acne.

#3 Combat Boots

Back when I was in highschool, I wanted the mid calf lace up Doc Martins however couldn't fork out $150+ for boots. I still can't justify the cost however I have been in love with my boots. Although the warmer weather means that boot wearing season will soon be over, I have been half contemplating these Sandler boots.

#4 Reading
When it comes to reading, my interest in it comes and goes in waves. I might not touch a single book for months but when I am interested, I will read all day, everyday until I am bored of it. I have read 13 novels in the month of September (add me on GoodReads if you use it!). I have also discovered a new author, Liane Moriarty. I read her popular novel, The Husband's Secret, and wasn't a fan. However, I am in love with her latest novel, Big Little Lies and would highly recommend. The Hyponotist's Love Story would be my second recommendation. I have also continued my quest to read the entire Jack Reacher series by Lee Child. I'm not completely in love with the series, however it does provide for some easy, mindless reading. It is also nice that I can pick up any book  as each novel is standalone essentially. That is why I started back in June with novel 1 and 2, before skipping this month to the latest novel (No. 19) and I am currently working backwards. My interest in reading has now waned, especially since tv shows are all starting up again!

On the topic of tv shows, I am keen to pick up new shows to become invested in. My current lineup includes: Grey's Anatomy, Bones, 19 Kids and Counting and How to Get Away with Murder. 

Do you have any recommendations?