Friday, 18 March 2011

Law Readings are Fun

It is Friday night and I am pretty excited about that. Not really doing anything worth blogging about - no sir, I am too anti-social for that. Well, I guess I am doing something which are my law readings/notes! Fun times. Not really. But I do quite like this subject purely because of the lecturer who makes everything so amusing and memorable and easy to learn. Spoon feeding is what he does which I really do love. So there is Lord Denning, a Justice and his judgements are always so incredibly amusing. Yes, I do know that it is hard to fully understand the humour if you aren't a law student, but compared to all other judgements, well, his writing is definitely memorable.
That theory was, of course, a fiction. No customer in a thousand ever read the conditions. If he had stopped to do so, he would have missed the train or the boat. None of those cases has any application to a ticket which is issued by an automatic machine. The customer pays his money and gets a ticket. He cannot refuse it. He cannot get his money back. He may protest to the machine, even swear at it; but it will remain unmoved. He is committed beyond recall.

That admission was properly made. I do not pause to enquire whether the exempting condition is void for unreasonableness. All I say is that it is so wide and so destructive of rights that the court should not hold any man bound by it unless it is drawn to his attention in the most explicit way … In order to give sufficient notice, it would need to be printed in red ink with a red hand pointing to it, or something equally startling.
Thursday, 17 March 2011

Food Cravings

I really do want 2011 to be the year where I will finally commit  to losing weight. I've gained 4 kilos in the last two years which isn't so bad as a number however my frame is quiet petite and I am also fairly short at 5'1" so the weight is fairly obvious. But being the daughter of a chef, I am such a food lover. And below are a list of my key food cravings:

Cheese! I love all sorts of cheese (except blue). By itself, with crackers, melted, toasted .. mmmm.
Salami! I know you can literally see the globs of fat but I adore it so much.
Cheese and Bacon Roll. Ohmygosh, it's so awesome.
Wednesday, 16 March 2011

A Collection of Photos from my Phone

I love to take photos of pretty much anything -it's how I help in documenting my day so that when I look back those memories just seem to flow back to me. A pretty random bunch of photos that span back a few months, a little odd things here and there.

A sandwich I made at work once. Salami (my love ♥) & shredded tasty cheese. Heaven! 
(But oh so bad for the thighs)

I'm a hoarder by nature and there is this Stationary Re-use Centre where people donate unwanted stationary so other students can take them for FREE! Free is good and I really cannot help myself. So hello pointless envelopes and redundant floppy disk.