Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Lunch and Dinner at the City

Firstly I'd just like to say I am terribly sorry for not updating in such a long time -over a month now. University has been fairly hectic as of late and I also have a ton of other excuses. But nevertheless, I am back (for now at least) and my day spent at the city with friends.

C, L and I went to Mad Pizza e Bar and the place is so quaint and really unique. The wait for the food was fairly substantial. However it was absolutely amazing and such freshness. I had ordered the amalfi pizza to share (sweet tiger prawns, ricotta, garlic, chilli flakes & roma tomato's w/ fresh mint leaves), L ordered penne è pollo (penne pasta w/ chicken, bacon, broccoli, red onion & basil served w/ white win cream sauce) whilst C ordered a suprema pizza (not pictured). All of them were amazing, though the pasta was a tad too creamy for my liking, thus making it incredibly rich and filling.

Afterwards, C and L went as I had to meet up with E later on thus I spent 2 hours wandering the back and side streets near the city and really, discovering how beautiful the city that I live in is. Everyone admires how beautiful other cities are when they travel, but it's so much harder to try to look at your surroundings through the eyes of a foreigner. And when you do, you really realise how beautiful and lucky you are. Well, I shouldn't generalise, but that is how I feel at least.

E and I had originally planned on eating elsewhere, but then decided for Mamak since she wanted to try it out. I ordered the nasi goreng (fried rice essentially) and she ordered the nasi lemak with fried chicken (not pictured). She wasn't impressed with it (and from the presentation, neither was I). I do believe that Mamak is overrated. Yes the food is so-so, fairly efficient kitchen and the prices are fairly cheap. However, does it justify the massive queue? Not really.

We went around the corner to a store selling traditional Twainese dessert and I ordered Taro Balls with glutinous cake, jelly noodles and pearls. Definitely not my kind of dessert, I really dislike the texture of .. well everything. It is this chewy, slimy type starch ball and ice shavings consumed in (E guessed) sugar cane syrup. So the entire dessert was sickening sweet and being a person that hates to waste food, I only ate around 1/4 of it before I stopped. Never trying it again.

I have a pen pal from Singapore and today I received her letter (finally) after a month wait. It's so weird to write letters, and yet so lovely at the same time.

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