Wednesday, 31 August 2011

The Demise of Cursive Handwriting

Penmanship and cursive handwriting is an issue that I have seen pop up in the past few years. It is strange that once upon a time (and I know that I am still considered young on relative standards) everyone was taught how to write in cursive and there was this magical licence my Year 4 teacher created titled the Pen Licence which entitled you to write in cursive with a ballpoint pen (I distinctly remember her specifying that it had to be ballpoint). The tedious hours per week spent tracing the letters. I also remember having a race with my fellow classmate; he finished first but the teacher told him to redo it much to my delight. Cursive handwriting. Something that I had always attributed to being a grown up and reading all these US articles about schools removing the requirement from their curriculum is odd. Yes technology has replaced the need to handwrite, but handwriting is a beautiful art and skill that is not replicated elsewhere.

I admit, during my 'rebellious' years late primary school and early high school, I despised writing in cursive and insisted on print but somewhere along the lines I picked up my cursive writing (or my variation of print / cursive) and for the past few months I've been 'training' myself to write in the more vintage and traditional form of cursive because I created my own variation of print which turned into cursive merely because I was too lazy to pick up the pen properly. Although there are some letters I wouldn't write in the 'formal' way purely due to speed issues. But I love the way the 'z' is written in cursive and 'f' although I have issues with 'r' and 's' since mine end up looking different each time I write. But that is purely because I write so fast.

This article is a good read. Reading some of the comments just left me a little flustered. Is it so wrong to teach children to learn to write in cursive even though it may have no value in the future. We mandate that we teach children to have painting lesson and music classes even though it may also eventuate with no practical benefit in the future.

There is something incredibly calming I find in handwriting that isn't replicated in typing. But the issue I find with handwriting is that my thoughts are going faster than my hand can write so I usually end up scrawling a little bit. Perhaps that is merely a reflection upon society these days - fast paced. I guess people back in the day had more time to sit down and write, especially when they used ink/fountain pens, a skill I wish to master one stage in my life.

I leave this entry with my handwriting.
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