Monday 26 September 2011

Mulberries and Books

Books books books

I love visiting second hand bookstores like this. The musty smell is somewhat intoxicating and addictive that is, until my friend informed me that spores were probably floating in the air.

Mulberries. I love mulberries and they have been in my life for a very long time. The very first mulberry I ate was at my pre-school (yes my pre-school days) where my mum pointed out the tree and being the clean freak that I was, I clearly remember picking a mulberry and taking it to the washroom to wash any dirt from the fruit whilst all my fellow 4 year old classmates were huddled around the tree stuffing their faces. The red berry stained faces and fingers. Fast forward to middle school where my friends and I discovered the mulberry tree in the 'out of bounds' area of the school. I remember us rushing at recess and lunch to the tree and picking off the fruits from the trees. And to the present where every year I wait for spring due to the mulberry tree on my road. I believe it may be someone's tree actually but it is next to the footpath and thus technically not their property. Though it is embarrassing to be plucking the berries off the tree as the road is fairly busy and the front door of the house is effectively directly across from the tree.

When I grow up buy my own place, I definitely want to plant a whole row of mulberry trees.

Mulberry Tree


Mulberries 2
Sunday 18 September 2011


On Saturday I went to Manly for my volunteer position and it was such a lovely day; blue skies and warm temperatures and yet standing right next to the water at the wharf it was so cool. I forgot I missed the sea salt smell.
Manly Beach

Manly Wharf 1

Manly Wharf 2

I am a fan of Cecelia Ahern's novels; there is something quirky about them and just different to other romance/chick-lit novels that I have read. They almost remind me of a fable (minus the animals) crossed with a fairytale; her stories are more substantial and less fluffy than they appear on the surface.

At work a week ago, I came across her new novel, 'The Time of my Life'  and I finished it earlier tonight.

Lying on Lucy Silchester’s carpet one day when she returns from work is a gold envelope. Inside is an invitation – to a meeting with Life. Her life. It turns out she's been ignoring it and it needs to meet with her face to face. It sounds peculiar, but Lucy’s heard of this before. Anyway, she can’t make the date: she’s much too busy despising her job, lying to her friends and avoiding her family. It turns out that Lucy’s life isn’t what it seems. Some of the choices she’s made – and stories she’s told – aren’t what they seem either. From the moment she meets the man who introduces himself as her life, some of these stubborn half-truths are going to be revealed in all their glory – unless Lucy learns to tell the truth about what really matters to her. From a big family dinner to an extraordinary work crisis, from chasing after a long-lost boyfriend to learning what home really is, Lucy Silchester has an appointment with her life – and she’s going to have to keep it.
I believed that Life would be a God-like figure who would lead Lucy to the right path. Rather to my surprise, he was just an average person who was so intrinscially connected with Lucy and her emotions and mental state. Overall, just a lovely read and her novels always make me feel so inspired.


Tuesday 6 September 2011

Wendy Whiteley's 'Secret Garden'

My friend and I decided to have picnic at Wendy Whiteley's 'Secret Garden' this morning. After some mishaps and aimlessly wandering through the park trying to locate this 'secret garden' we finally stumbled upon it. Other blogs had merely stated that it was down a flight of stairs; there were a lot of stairs in the area.  But they were correct, it was down a flight of stairs right next to Indian Harbourside Restaurant.


Wendy Whiteley's Secret Garden 1

Wendy Whiteley's Secret Garden 2

Wendy Whiteley's Secret Garden 3

Wendy Whiteley's Secret Garden 4

Wendy Whiteley's Secret Garden 5

Wendy Whiteley's Secret Garden 6


Wendy Whiteley's Secret Garden 7

Wendy Whiteley's Secret Garden 9

The garden was fairly nice although when I heard the words 'secret garden' I had vivid images of the secret garden as described in Frances Hodgson Burnett's novel. Although I guess they did bear similarities minus the hidden door and walls. Nevertheless a unique place and unexpected. The effort in the creation of the garden was obvious and the intricate paths and scattered items throughout the garden was very exciting. Though, it was a bit bizarre; right next to the garden was the train line and so if you looked up and across you would see it contrasted with the garden. There was also a kumquat tree which was unexpected.
Monday 5 September 2011

Hyde Park


I met up with a friend this morning for breakfast at Whole Meal Cafe which I pass twice a (university) day but I had never realised. I was sorely tempted trying 'The WHOLE Meal' breakfast item which included sausages, rindless bacon (to which my friend protested, 'but that is the best part of the bacon' which I wholeheartedly agree), field mushrooms, 2 x toast and 2 x eggs. But alas I settled for the eggs benedict with ham and spinach. The orange juice was super amazing and yet at $6 per glass (maybe 500 ml?) I thought that was tad pricey.

Eggs Benedict

One of my favourite spots in Sydney would definitely have to be Hyde Park. I think I spent the vast majority of my free time last year lying in the grass in Hyde Park and it is really gorgeous. It is also so strange; when you are in the park it is very serene and yet you look 100m away from you and the roads are filled with buses and cars and yet on the grass it is almost as though it is another world entirely. I am in love with this walkway; it is so grand.

Hyde Park

When I was a little girl, my mother took me to Hyde Park and to see the Archibald Fountains. As a child I was so embarrassed to even look at the fountains since they were nude (shock horror!) and so I never really noticed what the statutes were of. It was actually only a few months ago when I realised that they were all mythical characters.

There is Theseus and the Minotaur; represents sacrifice for the public good.

Theseus and the Minotaur

Apparently Diana who was Goddes of Purity and yet for some reason, the greyhounds/dogs behind her remind me of Astraea although Google cannot confirm this. "Goddess of purity, of peaceful nights, symbol of charity; the ideal which watches over mortals - all that stands for poetry and harmony."

Goddess of Purity

Jason and the Golden Fleece; "it is the young god of the fields and pastures, of the pleasure of the countryside"

Jason and the Golden Fleece

 Meaning of the Sculptures - Source

For some reason unbeknownst to me, I forgot to take a photo of the key sculpture - Apollo.


Sunday 4 September 2011

Dinner - Khao Thai

It is Father's Day today and until I met my husband-and-wife coworkers 2 years ago, I never knew that Father's Day wasn't the same day universally; it is the first Sunday of September in Australia and New Zealand whilst it is June in United States and Canada and well, the majority of other countries.

We went to dinner at Khao Thai with my family and my sister's BF / future brother-in-law. The place wasn't that great to be honest. I don't think I actually like Thai food despite eating it everytime I go out with friends. My camera isn't very good in low light despite the claims that Canon has made. It came out super grainy and well, maybe it would have looked better in another setting; trial and error.


'The Riddle'