Monday, 26 September 2011

Mulberries and Books

Books books books

I love visiting second hand bookstores like this. The musty smell is somewhat intoxicating and addictive that is, until my friend informed me that spores were probably floating in the air.

Mulberries. I love mulberries and they have been in my life for a very long time. The very first mulberry I ate was at my pre-school (yes my pre-school days) where my mum pointed out the tree and being the clean freak that I was, I clearly remember picking a mulberry and taking it to the washroom to wash any dirt from the fruit whilst all my fellow 4 year old classmates were huddled around the tree stuffing their faces. The red berry stained faces and fingers. Fast forward to middle school where my friends and I discovered the mulberry tree in the 'out of bounds' area of the school. I remember us rushing at recess and lunch to the tree and picking off the fruits from the trees. And to the present where every year I wait for spring due to the mulberry tree on my road. I believe it may be someone's tree actually but it is next to the footpath and thus technically not their property. Though it is embarrassing to be plucking the berries off the tree as the road is fairly busy and the front door of the house is effectively directly across from the tree.

When I grow up buy my own place, I definitely want to plant a whole row of mulberry trees.

Mulberry Tree


Mulberries 2

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