Sunday, 25 September 2011

Viva la Diva Metallic

Chi Chi Lips 1
I am a big fan of red lips although I rarely wear it for two reasons a) it's too much effort to retouch after eating or drinking and b) it stands out (obviously) and I just get asked too many awkward questions. I have been eying this lipstick colour for weeks now, patiently waiting for the special that I knew would happen eventually. My coworker actually showed me the colour and it's really amazing. It's Chi Chi's Viva la Diva Metallic lipstick.

Chi Chi Lips 3

The colour isn't that red nor is it exactly metallic. It's a redish-pink so maybe the pink shimmery aspect is how it's considered metallic. Overally, I really like the colour and I was complimented by my friend at University the other day :) I am a little sad that the lipstick has this crack/line at the top because I forgot to check it before purchasing it but it doesn't really bother me.

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