Thursday, 27 October 2011

Exams Exams Exams

For the past few days, I have been preparing for my exams and studying has not been going as well as I would have liked. Although it has gone according to plan thus far which may seem a little contradictory. I have recycled countless of pieces of paper with my scrawl/ handwriting as I answer problem questions and calculate accounting exercises.


Arguably. Most likely my most used word in problem questions with 'contentious', 'problematic' and 'likely' closely following behind in usage.


I bought an Olympus Trip 35 mm around 4 months ago and never got around to using it since I couldn't figure out how to manually load the film. My other film camera is battery operated and hence the camera automatically winds and rewinds film. I actually have 2 Olympus Trip 35 mm cameras, however the other one is faulty and I have yet found the time to fix the problem. To be honest, I am not entirely sure if this one is working and if anything I take has actually been exposed to the film. I guess I shall see when I take it to get the film developed.

olympus trip 35 mm


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