Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Girl's Night

Christmas Present
With only 5 sleeps until Christmas, it is surreal that it is already that time of the year and there is only 1.5 weeks till 2012 arrives. Christmas shopping is complete and earlier this afternoon I finished Christmas wrapping for the final few gifts.


I was never an orchid fan until 5 months ago when the plant was gifted to my family. In hindsight, it is probably the best gift that someone can give as it continually blooms and so quickly as well. A few months ago, I purchased my first Swarovski crystal ornament; a sunflower. Oddly enough, the price of the crystal was double in Australia compared to the US which was incredibly bizarre. The purchase of the crystal was due to my aunt purchasing the larger version and the small flower was costly enough and I cannot fathom how expensive the crystal had cost her. Baby flower looks insignificant next to 'Momma' flower.

Girl's Night
Two years ago I finished highschool and it feels as though it was a lifetime ago. Reading through the Tumblr tag for 'ATAR' I stumbled upon this entry. I have extracted the key aspects of the entry below:

Beside from finishing school with ‘knowledge,’ we left with our close friends. They were more important and significant to us then ever. They understood what we were going through in school, the pressures of living up to parent’s expectations and getting into our ‘desired’ course.
We grew up. We’ll, let’s just say each of us soon became preoccupied with our own things.
Everything is so different now. I may have lost friends today that meant the world to me exactly one year ago. But it’s okay ... Overall, you don’t know who your true friends are at the end of year 12. It’s the year after. You will realise those who make an effort to stay in touch, and those that just put the blame on you.

Tonight I spent a night with my highschool friends and most of the time, I have difficulty wrapping my head around the idea that they are no longer the 12 year olds I once knew - we are all in our 20s and entering our third year of university next year. It's odd to sit and realise that we have all grown up, matured emotionally and intellectually and our friendship has shifted, as it naturally should. Though whilst we still interact to a similar manner as we once did during lunches and recesses (that word is odd and I do not believe I have ever heard the word being used since completing highschool) it is different as we have changed. In some respects, the conversation is more enjoyable and free flowing.

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