Wednesday, 28 December 2011

'The Sky Looks Pissed and the Wind Talks back'

Christmas Day

For  as long as I can remember, Christmas Day has always been sweltering and the best thing to do was always to lounge at home in front of the fan. This year however summer has been the perfect temperature as it has been usually sunny and yet not too hot and sometimes even quite cool. On Christmas Day it was sunny and yet the air was cool and we decided to visit the beach and then proceed to West Head. Heading in the direction that we did, it took only 15 minutes before the landscape changed into somewhat 'country'-esque Australia. The sprawling bushland, paddocks with grazing horses and a variety of small scale farms were a somewhat pleasant contrast to the metropolitan areas.

Lion Island

The view from West Head was absolutely stunning, providing a perfect view of the famous Palm Beach and Pittwater.

Boxing Day
South Curl Curl Rock Pool

On Boxing Day we went back to the beach and it was a complete contrast to the previous day. It was windy, the sky was incredibly overcast and the waves were crashing ferociously to shore. It was insane how high the waves reached the rocks, almost touching the boardwalks that follow the curve of the shore!

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