Saturday, 11 February 2012

35mm Film

For the past few months, I have had two rolls of 35mm film sitting on top of my bookshelf. Finally I brought myself down to the local store to develop them. I had used two different cameras, my trusty and yet bulky Minolta Dynax 300si (or ╬▒-101si as I have the Japanese version) and trialing the compact Olympus Trip 35mm.

Olympus Trip 35mm

Minolta Dynax 300si

Evident from the batch that I developed, the quality from my Minolta is far superior (as to be expected) however it is simply too bulky to bring out with me. The film that I used was relatively cheap; rather than purchasing on higher quality film from Ebay, I settled for the only brand sold at the supermarket. As I do not develop the photos myself, film photography is an expensive hobby. Yet in those first moments after receiving the package from the photo lab, the anticipation and excitement of 'discovering' those captures is an experience unlike any other.

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