Tuesday, 25 June 2013




Today was the last exam for semester 1. I had already expected that the federal constitutional law exam would be terrible and it was. The lecturer likes what he likes and is incredibly specific. Oh well, peanut butter.


Torikatsu Ramen

I had dinner with the guy I had met on exchange. Truth be told, I will probably not be meeting up with this 'friend' anytime soon. The entire night, I must have spoken around 100 words, with 20 words being spoken to the waitress who took my order. It amazes me how oblivious some individuals are and the extent of  their self-centredness. I learnt far too many intimate details, details that I didn't need to know. On many occasions, I was convinced that my left eyebrow was about to fall off my face; when I am skeptical or incredulous, I raise my left eyebrow. Eye colouring changing due to the individual's mood? Really? Telling me that you are in love with a guy that you met on Thursday, a mere 5 days ago?



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