Monday, 1 July 2013

Atlanta Braves

31st August 2012
As part of our cultural immersion, the exchange coordinator had organised a trip to a game of baseball with the Atlanta Braves at Turner Field. We had nosebleed seats, as they were the cheapest seats.



Atlanta Skyline


This was the day that I met Sunbear. It is a weird and amazing moment when you manage to talk to someone who has similar values and priorities. The baseball game itself was incredibly dull. I am not much of a sports fanatic. It was the first time I visisted downtown Atlanta and the seats were great as it showed an amazing view of the skyline of Atlanta.

When we got bored, we wandered around the stadium and Sunbear started to talk to a random man (as he does) who turned out to be the manager in charge of the fireworks and the three of us managed to get a certificate which said: "We visited our first baseball game". I am sure that they were meant for 4 year olds. The other memorable moment was the fireworks. There were fireworks at the end of the game however all the exchange students had left but I wanted to stay and watch and so the three of us watched the 9 minute long fireworks. It was interesting to catch the bus and train back to Decatur, a learning experience for all the future solo trips on public transport. There is something quite intimidating when catching public transport, especially when you are unfamiliar with the route.

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