Friday, 5 July 2013

Atlanta Quickshot Shooting Range


A group of exchange students visited the shooting range and I happily joined as I was fairly certain that that would be the only chance to hold a firearm. It was surprising how easy it was to book a session, almost as simple as buying a movie ticket. Everyone just had to hand over a form of identification which they would return after the conclusion of the firing session. No age checks and no questions asked. There were also a few -I believe- dates happening at the shooting range which I found interesting.


The safety goggles and ear protection were awkward as they kept on sliding off my face/ head. I used the two smallest firearms (I don't even know what they were, 8mm and 12mm, perhaps?). No idea if I even shot at the target successfully, but the experience was surreal. I had never held a gun before and didn't realise that it would feel so, now this sounds silly, but heavy and solid, which is logical as it is constructed from metal.

I also tried the bigger gun. I am sure it has some fancy name, but it was basically a machine gun of some sort. That was freaky, especially when I held the trigger down and bullets just fired continuously. The force that pushed me back after each shot was a bit scary; the employee was bracing my shoulder to ensure that I didn't move back too much.

An interesting experience and I can now say that I have fired a gun. I picked up 3 shell casings from the floor of the range and they are now lined up on my shelf of memories in my room.

Coming up next, my fall break trip to New York City and Washington D.C. (Still trying to figure out the best way to divide the trip).

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