Monday, 8 July 2013

Coney Island & Brooklyn




14th October 2012
There was a plan to watch the sun rise from Brooklyn Bridge however we were lazy and slept in. We caught the subway to Coney Island; an empty subway carriage which was odd. I am not entirely sure why I had wanted to visit Coney Island and why Sunbear had agreed. It might have had something to do with this song, but not entirely sure.


Coney Island is definitely a place for summer. We were there in autumn and the amusement park was closed which was eerie. It reminded me of the amusemment park from Zombieland truth be told. There were quite a few people at the beach, but it was due to the Kite Fest for Healthy Minds. There were so many kites and some were very large too.There was also a playground on the middle of the beach which reminded me of Henry's "castle" from Once Upon a Time.


We then caught the subway to Prospect Park.





Brookyln was lovely and this was the best day on the trip. I guess it was also because we had settled our differences and could actually enjoy the trip. Although, I do think it was also Brooklyn (on my second trip, I stayed in Brooklyn and I enjoyed it a lot more than when I was in Manhattan).

We went to IHop for dinner and there, I witnessed the birthday song or this as it is from the Emperor's New Groove.   There, I said that I wanted to have my 21st birthday at IHop, just so the employees could sing to me.

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