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North Georgia/ South Tennessee

19th December 2012
We wanted one last road trip in Georgia, a farewell to the state that had become our second home. We (by we, I mean Sunbear) drove up to the country city of Dahlonega after my economics final. Georgia is quite pretty; in the south, there are the heartlands, on the east, there are the beaches and the coastline and north, there are the mountains and the start of the Blue Ridge Parkway.





Dahlonega is the epitome of a typical country town (though technically a city). Sunbear had an alleged allergy to chocolate; apparently it gave him a headache. Although I didn't really believe him and I nagged him until he tried chocolate and lo behold, no headache! Ever since this discovery, we consumed chocolate constantly. This strawberry dipped in chocolate was his second taste of chocolate in over 10 years.

We drove off in search of the gold mines, though we couldn't find it. Instead, we stumbled upon a lake.


In the end, we gave up searching for the gold mine, and truth be told, I wasn't particularly keen either. We started part of the Blue Ridge Parkway, driving through the Chattahoochee National Forest.







It was gorgeous. The roads wound up and down through the mountains and the view was breathtaking. However, after a while it became a little awkward since we weren't entirely sure where we were. Were we in Georgia, Tennessee or South Carolina?! The road was continuous and there weren't any signs or places to turn off onto any highway.

In the end, we managed to find the highway and Sunbear suggested that we drive up to Tennessee to visit Ducktown, a supposed quaint town. I believe it was 4 blocks wide and then the town ended and that was that.


Finally managed to take a photo of the sign. Although, probably the oldest sign in existence; the colours of the peach had completed faded.


GA / TN state line.
An estimate. No idea what happened once we got to the Chattahoochee National Forest.
We ended the night with a romantic dinner in the car eating Maccas. Wouldn't have wanted it any other way.

My Overall Thoughts
It was a lovely final road trip with Sunbear in the US of A. It was really sad though as we had met in Georgia and we were leaving the place that we had grown to love. It didn't help that we played "Georgia on My Mind" by Willie Nelson continuously, a very bittersweet song. It wasn't just the fact that the song was about Georgia, but that Sunbear had driven 14 hours listening to the song on repeat - almost continuously- back to Atlanta from Virginia after a major fight that we had . Looking back, I barely understand the argument; I don't even know why I was so upset. As said previously, we had so many movie worthy moments, but the moment when he arrived back at our apartment was definitely a movie moment. Ah memories.

Would I re-visit?
The towns we visited, no.

On a personal side note, it is a little sad that this will be the last 'travel' post for the actual exchange period. I thought blogging and reliving the days would be enjoyable, but in fact, it just makes me nostalgic and not necessarily in a good way. It is extremely odd to think that almost 12 months ago, I was about to embark on such a wonderful journey. The next few posts will be about Atlanta and the actual university that I attended. I didn't spend every waking moment travelling (although I wish that I did) despite the impression that may be gathered. 

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