Thursday, 4 July 2013

The Gap




Sometimes it worries me that time is going by so fast and yet I have nothing to show. I spend far too many wasted hours in bed marathoning tv shows and movies and for what purpose? This winter break, I am pushing myself to actually leave the house a lot more, with the company of others or just by myself. Things still on my agenda:
  • Newcastle
  • Wollongong/ Kiama
  • Sydney Olympic Park for the parks and perhaps biking 
  • Long Reef

Life is too short and this will be the youngest I will ever be. I digress.

I have been wanting to visit The Gap for a while and it was fitting in light of current circumstances. I was always curious as to why it was such a popular location for people to commit suicide. Aren't there are lot of cliffs in Sydney and why was the Gap/ South Head special? But when I saw it, it made a bit more sense. There is a wavecut shelf at the bottom of the cliff which effectively guarantees an impact, as morbid as that sounds.


In memory of Don Ritchie.
The cameras.


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