Wednesday 10 July 2013

The Three Sisters




A month ago, my old manager had transferred to another store in Katoomba. A few co-workers wanted to surprise her so I joined as I did want to spend a day out. We woke up before the sun rose and caught the train from central. A pet peeve. I hate people who are late, anything longer than 5 minutes already irks me. But this girl who has been late every other time we were together was, once again, late. Normally it isn't that significant except as we were catching the train to Katoomba, there was only one train every hour. She missed the train and was late.





The two hour train ride wasn't overly long; it was pleasant. When we were 4 stops away, one of the coworkers really needed to go to the bathroom, however we didn't think that there was a toilet on the train so he got off at a station in the Blue Mountains. There wasn't a bathroom at the station and he ended up walking on the track before finding a porta-loo.



The rest of the coworkers and I waited at a cafe for the stragglers. It was cold in Katoomba. Well, it was actually quite chilly and the air was so much fresher and crisper.




As I was taking my shots of the Three Sisters, there was this tourist who asked me, "do you know the story of the sisters?" I said, "Yes. Do you know the story?" because sometimes people are overly helpful and just want to tell everyone what they know. He said that he didn't no. So I proceeded to tell him the two versions that I was taught.

1) There were three sisters who fell in love with the men from another tribe, however there was a battle and the father of the daughters wanted to protect them so he got an elder to turn them into stone, with the intention of turning them back to women after the battle. However the Elder died and they remained as stone formations.

2) There were three sisters who fell in love with the men from another tribe however the father wasn't happy with their decision and so turned them into stone to prevent them from being together. Elder died and then the sisters remained as stone formations.

After I told the story, the same tourist went, "well that's actually not true. The story goes like this: there were three sisters and they were called X, Y and Z (I can't remember what he said). Did you catch that? They were called X, Y and Z. And they were granted a wish to turn into swans however after 500 years as a swan, they would then turn into rock".

Firstly, that has to be the stupidest story I have ever heard. It sounds like some warped fairytale. Oh really, the sisters wanted to be swans? And if they were turned into rock, why didn't they resemble a rock in the shape of a swan? Secondly, Google didn't show me any story that sounded even remotely similar. And more to the point - and I was fuming- why did that tourist need to act as some hot-shot and correct me on a story. I don't even know what his game was; to correct people? Seriously. Why ask and lie and tell me that he didn't know the story, when he knew a story. My god. And all those Chinese tourists; there is something in life called manners and common courtesy. Learn some. You shove me with your shoulder, I will shove you back.

Though all that aside, it was lovely visiting the manager. She was so stunned and it was really nice being able to see her again. We had a lovely chat with her in the tea room. The best part was when the group of us couldn't quite turn off our 'work mode'. There was a couple and I only noticed them because the girl was dressed as the biggest bogan. White tank top, hair in top knot with a leopard turban type headband and leopard harem pants. All that she was missing were her Ugg boots, although of course she didn't have them as she stole a pair of shoes. Mind you, they were $6 canvas shoes. I don't even know. Actually, if I could understand why people steal $6-10 pair of shoes, then maybe I can also also understand why people steal one shoelace, not a pair, just one.

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