Friday, 11 October 2013

Packing for the Hunter Valley

Last Thursday, there was a gorgeous sunset. Only really adjusted the contrast of the photo.
One of the many sunrises I saw last week.

Tomorrow, my sister and her boyfriend, my brother and I will be heading up to the Hunter Valley for the weekend. We will only really be there for one full day as we are leaving my area at around 1pm on Saturday and most likely heading back to Sydney on the Sunday late in the afternoon. I am pretty excited as it is finally, finally a chance to get out of Sydney. Also, I don't believe I have ever been to the Hunter Valley. Everyone but me is cycling on Sunday and I am merely tagging along. Hoping to wander around Pokolbin, walking through fields and vineyards and the like. Possibly visiting some wineries by myself, although to be fair, I don't really drink alcohol so there is that.

Also planning to have a technology detox as I won't be bringing my laptop and will endeavour to not use my phone unless completely necessary (for calls).

What I have packed!
Still a little unsure if I want to bring my colour film or my black and white film.


In other news, I have been following the study abroad blog of a girl who is attending UNSW and I saw her today! Completely weird because honestly, what are the chances.

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