Saturday 9 August 2014

BoA Fraud Team, I Love You.

Well the only exciting part of my week was getting an email from Bank of America telling me that I had suspicious fraudulent activity on my debit card. And I did! There is a first for everything. Someone tried to buy $600 worth of electronics and pay for a $200 hotel. Jokes on them, I only had <$250 on that card and I didn't know banks were watching my transactions that closely. After a 40 minute call to America (hope I didn't spend over my cap amount ...) I will be getting a new debit card to me. It took forever to state the address I currently have and having to spell out Sydney and 'NSW' is weird. I sincerely hope that the card actually gets to me. When it does, I will finally be transferring money out of it and closing it. Originally I didn't want to pay the $50 in fees and I thought I would be doing more shopping on American sites, but after this experience it's just not worth the hassle. Also, the fraudulent activity only happened after I purchased jeans from Aeropostale. Hmm =/ I guess I never paid too much attention to online websites and assumed that they were safe, and never really thought about the work that banks do. You learn something new everyday.

When I was originally speaking to the operator, it felt like this.

N.B I don't know why her voice actually changes in her second and third try. I swear it wasn't like that in the movie.

I hate automated services. The frustrating moment when I was saying "fraud ... fraud.... FRAUD" and it refused to understand me.