Saturday, 30 August 2014

I'm still alive

I live a thrilling life! I have essentially been a homebody this semester and have gone out to dinner once with someone other than A. By day, I am either at uni or at work and by night I am doing my readings and notes or trying to figure out accommodation and transportation for my Europe trip. I guess it is a good thing that I am a homebody as it means that I can save a little bit of money (although I still spend far too much at work). Especially since I started to research things for Switzerland and almost had a heart attack. Hotels at $130+ per night, a bed in a poorly rated hostel in a large room, which also happens to be the only hostel, for at least $45 a night or a place using Airbnb for at least $90/ night. A train ticket from Zurich to Geneva for $98 pp. Oh my. I knew that Switzerland was expensive, but I didn't realise it was that expensive or that the CHF was so strong. I'll try to leave all that money stress for another day.

Hopefully in a few weeks time, the main things will be booked (ergo transportation and accommodation) and then I will be able to not worry about money and start having fun in researching things to see, do and eat. Till then.
Wednesday, 20 August 2014


Time is flying by and I can't believe that it is already Week 4! I have a somewhat breezy semester as I only have 3 subjects, with one being an intensive course. Effectively, I will have only 1 day of uni after Week 7 which is brilliant! However, despite having a 4 day weekend currently, I also work for 4 days. Recently, I discovered that our -somewhat- local cinema had a special deal of $5 students tickets after 5pm. The previous week, we watched Guardians of the Galaxy and last Monday, we watched Begin Again. I highly recommend Begin Again and it is definitely my favourite film that I have seen thus far in 2014. It is such a sweet movie and I adore Keira. These are a collection of photos from my phone from that day.

The flights for my Europe trip have been booked and I will be spending 2 months in total which is brilliant. Planning is stressful, especially when you need to plan with someone else. However, I am quite excited! It seems that I will be visiting: Paris, London, Scotland, Ireland, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Hungary, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal and Turkey (where we will be flying out from). I think I am most excited about Turkey, Portugal and Spain. But so much planning still to do.
Saturday, 9 August 2014

BoA Fraud Team, I Love You.

Well the only exciting part of my week was getting an email from Bank of America telling me that I had suspicious fraudulent activity on my debit card. And I did! There is a first for everything. Someone tried to buy $600 worth of electronics and pay for a $200 hotel. Jokes on them, I only had <$250 on that card and I didn't know banks were watching my transactions that closely. After a 40 minute call to America (hope I didn't spend over my cap amount ...) I will be getting a new debit card to me. It took forever to state the address I currently have and having to spell out Sydney and 'NSW' is weird. I sincerely hope that the card actually gets to me. When it does, I will finally be transferring money out of it and closing it. Originally I didn't want to pay the $50 in fees and I thought I would be doing more shopping on American sites, but after this experience it's just not worth the hassle. Also, the fraudulent activity only happened after I purchased jeans from Aeropostale. Hmm =/ I guess I never paid too much attention to online websites and assumed that they were safe, and never really thought about the work that banks do. You learn something new everyday.

When I was originally speaking to the operator, it felt like this.

N.B I don't know why her voice actually changes in her second and third try. I swear it wasn't like that in the movie.

I hate automated services. The frustrating moment when I was saying "fraud ... fraud.... FRAUD" and it refused to understand me.