Friday, 28 November 2014

Around the World Blog Hop

I've seen this tag floating around the blogsphere for a while and I was recently tagged by the lovely Rosa Dyn from Avec Rosa. Check out her blog if you haven't: she's quirky, she's crazily creative and also incredibly bold with not only her lip colour choices, but also her hair colour!

1. What am I working on?
I am currently working on setting up my travel journal for my Grad Trip. Last time I went on my major trip, I had originally intended on keeping a diary however it soon turned into an electronic diary and slowly but surely, I completely forgot about it. This time around, I definitely want to keep track of what happens everyday, to document my experiences and my feelings, the good and the bad. Well, I'll try.

2. How does your work differ from others of its genre?
Not entirely sure what my 'work' is; actually not entirely sure what this question is asking. I guess the 'work' that I've been keeping up with for the longest has been this blog. It's not in a genre in my honest opinion. Actually, it's more a mismatch of everything. I write about my travels, my personal thoughts, places where I've eaten. Just a bit of everything.

3. Why do you write/create what you do?
I write for myself and that is why my blog is kind of all over the place with no niche or theme. I write about my life because I like to document things (I've had a private diary since I was 14). I also enjoy taking photos and blogging allows me to use those photos in a meaningful way, otherwise they would just sit in my folders on my harddrive "collecting dust". I think that is the downside of the digital photography era.

4. How does your writing/creating process work?
When I used to make graphics, I always kept an eye out for interesting angles during tv shows that I could screencap to subsequently make icons. These days, I am aware of things that are happening around me that may inspire a post on my blog. I don't mean to say that I write for the sake of having something on my blog, but it forces me to look at life with a different angle, usually a more positive angle since I don't want to be Debbie Downer on here. I edit my photos first (usually when I am watching a tv show) and then write afterwards. It's usually a pretty quick process.

Keeping with the title, "Around the World", I have tried to select a few blogs that are from different locations. People I am tagging:
Eena - California | Eva - Sydney, Australia | Laila - Munich, Germany (although currently on a gap year in South East Asia)


  1. This was so interesting to read!! What a great idea :)
    I'm also awful at journalling. I'm trying so hard to be better at it!!

    1. It is just so easy to forget unless you make a habit out of it and set some time aside for it every day.

  2. My friend gifted me with a travel journey yesterday so I am also trying to set up mine too!

  3. Oh yay! I'm so glad you did the tag. HAHa, my hair and lips. I never really realised how crazy I was. Do share your travel journals - or quotes/pics when you finally go, or after your trip. Really interested to see what you discover.

    1. I see from your instagram that you changed it again! How is it not fried?

  4. I'm the worst at travel journals, my entries at the end of the trip always end up as one word sentences of where we went that day haha.

  5. I try and go old school with a cute notepad and pen for travelling but everything goes onto the blog. Feels counter productive to write it up on paper as well. Have fun planning your trip.... It gets so exciting locking things/places in!


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