Friday, 3 July 2015

Tinder - C's Story

If you don't know, I use Tinder and I plan to write posts about the people that I have met on Tinder that have interested me. Read my first post here. This will be C's story and the second installment in my Tinder series (I can't believe that is happening on my blog).

Here is C's Story
C is the complete opposite of P. Oh my. Whilst I talked to P because we bonded, I kept a conversation with C because he made me laugh. For all the wrong reasons. He is the most* cockiest, arrogant and self entitled person that I have met. Ever. Both virtually and in the real world. His full first name is hidden for obvious reasons but here are some snippets of our messages that honestly make me laugh so hard.

* I wrote this a while back and I have since met someone else who makes C look humble.

The thing is, we actually have a mutual friend on Facebook so I knew his surname and had already stalked his page and his online presence. All of it combined just reaffirmed his douchey-ness. Although I have to say that his photos are stunning but knowing his online personality (which probably translates to his actual personality) it just ruins the photos. I can't link the photos because of a) copyright issues and b) I do want protect his identity. But he was shortlisted for the Australian Photography + Digital 'Travel' competition recently.

I never met up with C and had no intention whatsoever. I didn't even feel comfortable giving him my mobile number. Although I did add him on Facebook and after he realised that I had nothing on the page to stalk, he removed me as a friend (he actually told me that too). Wait what?! How did we stop talking? Maybe he realised that he wasn't going to get lucky with me or he deleted Tinder. Similar to P, I feel a little sad. Not for the same reasons but the fact that my source of entertainment has now disappeared.

In short, C was hilarious and I can't believe that people like him exist. There are are serious creepers on Tinder, but C just took it to another level entirely. In some ways, I feel that he was simply a "talker". As the saying goes, empty vessel makes the most noise. Here is a guy whose sole purpose on Tinder is to find a friends with benefit or a hook up. He hooked up with one girl last year, went on exchange/travelling for 8 months and came back to Sydney early this year and has been on Tinder since the start of the year. Six months of Tinder-ing and still no success. Hmm.

I am not sure who is next on my series. I haven't met anyone who is super interesting. There may be one, but I need to see how it will pan out. (I feel like I am using Tinder for reasons vastly different to everyone else. Whoops).

Update: I have "met" someone who has this crazy God complex. I have also deleted Tinder now so this series was very short lived.

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