Sunday, 26 July 2015

Tinder - V's Story

Author's comment: I write posts in advance generally and usually my thoughts remain the same. However, my thoughts on V. have changed. Note the edit at the end of this entry.

The last installment of my Tinder series (for now? Forever? Not sure) is with V. My story with V is a little bittersweet. It's actually vastly different to P and C and the route our relationship went completely baffles me. I don't give my number out to people without screening them a little. But for some reason, I threw that out the window and gave him my number after he said hi. Actually, he said something along the lines of, "Hey, you are stunning!" which I ignored and then he messaged going, "Nat!" and for some reason I felt guilty that I didn't reply before. I gave him my number as he was driving home from the hospital (intern, finished med degree last year) and our first conversation was via phone call with a very dodgy phone reception. The call was very playful but my impression was that he thought he was a super smooth talker and had a lot of charm. I've worked in the food industry for 4 years and retail for over 4.5 years, so I can spot bullshit from a mile away. We agreed to meet up/ in his own words, "I'm going to steal you for a date".

We had a few (maybe 3?) Whatsapp conversations and the notable hmmm messages are included below. Also why is he named 1 rather than V (or his full name) on my contacts. Well when we had the phone call, it kept breaking up and I needed to save his number quickly to return the call. Rather than typing his name, it was just easier for me to put in 1 and then I never bothered to change it. Ha.

 Aside from the fact that he got straight into undergraduate medicine, I am guessing he did very well in the creative writing portion of Advanced English. 

 Bruised ego #1

 "Natalie. Be cool. Go Google me"

 Where my vocabulary failed me and I forgot that dysfunctional is the antonym of functional. Ha. 

Little choppy. But our very last conversation is pictured on the right. This happened after I wrote the bulk of this entry.

The most disturbing part (apart from a lot of stuff) was the fact that he asked if I was interested in sexting as he was in the same car as his parents and twin sister on the way home from her graduation ceremony.

We never actually mentioned why we were on Tinder, but it was pretty obvious that he was after a hookup (which is not me) but I still wanted to meet him to see what he was really like because either a) he really was full of shit in person or b) it's an act. One day, I found out that my friends' boyfriend knew the guy and I learnt some information about him which I (for reasons unknown to me) I shared with him. I think I did it to see if I could dent his giant ego but in reality, I ended up blowing his entire ego/bravado out of the water. Completely. It went from chatting to this smooth talker to a guy who was so raw and brutally honest. I also "learnt" about why he was on Tinder and it just ... made me sad.

A few days later, I apologised sincerely and sent a parting message. He did reply a few days later but I think our relationship is now officially over. We never chatted on a personal level so really, we didn't know much about the other person. V has been one of the most interesting people that I have met on Tinder and I honestly wish the best for him. Poor guy.

Poor guy no more. Boy. I give people the benefit of the doubt, more than people probably deserve but once someone does something that crosses a threshold, it is the point of no return and they are basically 'dead' to me. I believe I am quite easy going and I don't harbor ill feelings towards too many people. But he is now on that very short list of people (the people on the list can be counted on one hand). So, I tried to maintain a conversation. I made an effort. No big deal, but the truth of the matter is that he knew nothing about me (since he is egotistical). His last comment just made me so angry. I guess a combination of all the douche-y things that he had said. Telling people in pain and in hospital to man the fuck up. No thank you. Thinking that he is so special that he wants a "real surgical rotation" rather than the "half ass surgical rotation"? No thank you. Making a horrible comment that someone who is clearly in poor health that their choices (re: surgery) are poor. No thank you. Having zero compassion, empathy or anything that a decent human being should have? No thank you. What a fucking dickhead. Seriously. And sure, how he writes may be vastly different to how he acts, but honestly, to have those thoughts and also thinking that that shit will impress me is just plain insulting.

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