Monday, 17 August 2015

Returning to Adelaide

The last post for my trip in South Australia! All that I had left was to drive back 450km to Adelaide from Flinders Ranges. By this stage, I was sick of the music on my iPod and struggled to find radio reception; the only clear radio stations were talkback stations. In fact, I tuned in once when the presenters were discussing different types of potatoes. Yes, really.

The drive back was pretty uneventful and what I have discovered in remote Australia is that the roads are really friggin straight.

South Australia

South Australia

South Australia

South Australia
I parked on the side of a relatively busy stretch of road, squeezed past shrubs and jumped over the fence for this photo. I actually have a scar on my left hand from a scratch that I got from the shrubs.

South Australia

The coolest part of the drive back was when I was stuck behind a vehicle that was going at 40km/h on a 110km/h stretch of road.

How cool is that? I have never seen a L plate that large before! 

One of the many things that I learnt on this trip was that leggings are awesome for hiking/long drives. Comfort aside, they make peeing so much easier. Especially when driving. It is simply so easy to just do my business quickly at the side of the road in the bushes or even just behind my car door without having to worry about buttons or zippers.

There are still two states (well one is a territory) which I have yet to visit in Australia; Tasmania and Northern Territory. To be fair, I have yet to properly explore Western Australia however South Australia is my favourite state and Adelaide is my favourite capital city. I love the city and I love the area. Job aside, I would move to Adelaide in a heartbeat. What do I love about South Australia? Well it has such disparate landscapes. With the incredible Great Australian Bight (which I have only seen from a plane) to the pristine areas such as Kangaroo Island and to remote country/ outback regions further north in the state. I would love to go back to explore the coastline of the Bight and also to the salt lakes such as Lake Eyre. One day.

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