Friday, 30 October 2015


Work has been a little bit of a drag lately coupled with the fact that my boyfriend is in lockdown due to upcoming exams. Separately, they aren't major down-ers but together, its making my life a little uneventful lately. I have already planned my Saturday to remind myself that I am capable and responsible for making my life awesome (something which I sometimes do forget). When I am feeling this way, I end up daydreaming and planning for trips.

Two months ago, I was feeling the same way and ended up planning for a tentative trip next year. I work to live and I definitely am not someone who lives to work. And what I love is to travel.

I envision that around mid August next year I will be visiting Mongolia! I have already figured out the flights I would take to get there, my hostel and I am almost certain about which tour to take. I spent almost two full days at work planning this out (the other grads and I were left unsupervised for two days and weren't given any work). Clearly I have plenty of time to figure out things like tours, but right now, I don't know how much money I am willing to spend. There is this amazing 18 day horse "tour" for around $4000. Firstly, I have never been on a horse. Secondly, it is a heck of a lot of money.

I think that I will visit South America sometime in the summer of 2017/2018. I will do the W Track in Patagonia. I want to visit Bolivia and Peru. South America (in particular Patagonia) has been on my mind for the past two years and I was 'reminded' by V. Actually, he was being a condescending prick and told me, 'plan it. Don't just dream'. Mate, I am perfectly capable of sorting out my life and planning my 'dreams'.

For next Easter, I was wanting to fly down to Hobart and explore Tasmania for 3.5 days however as it is a long weekend, spending $350 for flights on Jetstar wasn't too appealing. I think I will do a road trip in NSW. I am thinking about Jindabyne for the hikes and maybe Junee. But I definitely want to visit Laurel Hill. I originally wanted to drive to Broken Hill but at a distance of 1146km or a 13 hour drive, I have had to scrap that idea.

Of course, life happens and plans/dreams change. But these are goals and they give me a little more direction.

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