Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Adventures in Sydney: Dural Christmas Tree Farm

I can't believe that the festive season is already here, where has 2015 gone? I have never gotten into the whole spirit of it though. Perhaps it is because I worked in hospitality and retail which meant that this period was characterised with angry, pushy and overly-demanding individuals. I'm sorry, but is it really my fault that you decided to look for a Christmas tree a week before Christmas?

I feel that I am brainwashed in a sense about what a Christmas should be. A Christmas that isn't during summer is a start. Sunbear used to tell me that a summer Christmas wasn't a "true" Christmas, which irked me. What did he expect me to do? Pretend it's winter? Change the seasons?

From movies and tv shows, it seemed that a lot of people have real Christmas trees. And because I didn't know anyone (even now, I only know one) who had a real tree, this was always very very cool.

This has been a very long introduction for this post.

In short. Real Christmas trees have always been very cool to me and that is why I visited the Dural Christmas Tree Farm. Not to buy a tree, but just to look.



Next year's trees! Although there are a few that are for this year. 


Dural is a semi-rural suburb of Sydney. I don't think a lot of people would think of Dural if they think of Sydney. It reminded me a little of Terrey Hills, namely that it seemed as though I was a little in the middle of nowhere. I mean look at that dilapidated house and the gate!


And yes. Seeing the trees were very very cool.

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