Saturday, 23 January 2016

Life & Work Life Update

It is the end of the work week and also the start of my 4 day long weekend!  A bit of a random post to capture my current thoughts.


→ Life
It was been a bit of a weird summer. For most of December it was relatively cold. Two weeks ago, Sydney received the average January rainfall in two days. And over the past week, there has been on-and-off weather; it is either cool at around 23C or it has been super humid and hot at 38C followed by crazy thunderstorms. I was going to visit Port Stephens for my long weekend however I ended up cancelling as there was a 70% chance of rain on each day which is a bit pointless when visiting a beach town.

I have also been thinking about my Christmas this year. Wait. Natalie, it's only January you may say. But I am crazy like that. I have a week (bloody annoying that Christmas and New Years Day is on a weekend) off from work most likely. My mind is jumping between a few places: Tasmania, Northern Territory / Kakadu and Vietnam / Cambodia. Currently just ideas, but flights to TAS and NT aren't even available yet (apart from Qantas) so I think I have some time to decide. That being said, I am leaning towards Tasmania purely because it's been on my list for 3 years now.


→ Work Life
I wrote a post on my phone a week ago and in a nutshell, it was expressing my great unhappiness and dislike with my current job. I don't think I will end up posting that but maybe in the future in some sort of amended form. I might finally be starting real work in the coming weeks which is incredibly exciting since I haven't had work for two months now. Actually. I also found out my manager is a year older than me which was a little weird. But then again, I had a manager when I worked in retail who was a year older than me and, like my current manager, had a reasonably senior role.

I hope you are all having a lovely weekend!

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