Sunday 5 June 2016

May Update

It is the end of the month again! Crazy how fast time is flying by. I "missed" the previous month. In actual fact, I had something written but then my mind was wandering and blogging was the furthest thing from my mind. And by that stage, it was just too far gone. I have been quite MIA on my blog - only two blog posts for May which is absurd! - as I try to post at least weekly.

+ My manager is killing me. I have been broken and I really need to start filtering what I say. Any time anyone mentions anything related to them the bitching starts and I let everyone and their cat know my greatest displeasure.

+ My direct line manager is alright these days. I yo-yo greatly with my opinion. Some days I realise that he is young and is trying / doing his best. At the end of the day, his best is all I can ask for. Other days I think he is a condescending ass and needs to stop thinking that he is top shit (especially as he is only one year older than me).

+ I have been looking at jobs daily, but haven't applied for anything yet. I have now applied for three jobs.

+ I have also become quite aggressive at work and making sure that people know what I am thinking and what I want.

+ I took a mental health day last week after having a completely horrible day on Monday. My direct line manager spent 10 minutes explaining why I was rejected for the permanent role in his team. It was horrible. I think the 'best' part was when he asked how I felt after he rejected me. Lol.

+ I have booked myself 3 x introductory pottery classes for next month which I am excited for. I did pottery earlier this year and it was painful due to the studio. Long story short, I would not recommend The Pottery Shed in Paddington.

+ Didn't get up to too much this month; mainly stayed at home which was also probably not conducive to my mood.

+ My TV shows are all reaching their summer hiatus! I absolutely loved Quantico and cannot wait for the next season. The funny thing is that the show was a bit of a nothing / mindless show in the very beginning but over the course of the season, I really got into it!

This quote has really resonated with me this month:

As long as you feel like you are doing the right thing then in the long run that’s all that’s gonna matter because, yno, you’re the one lying awake  at night alone in bed and thinking about your life. And if you have compromised your life you’ll know.
Ingrid Michaelson

+ Tea Was Here kindly asked me to write a little piece for her Travel Bloggers' Passport Stamp Stories.

+ Music favourites: Jake Owen "American Country Love Song" (I listened to this song for a whole work day, I was also quite unhappy too); Georgia Florida Line "H.O.L.Y"

+ Travel itchy feet rating: ★★

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