Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Perpetual High School


I have now been working a 9-5 ish job for 1.5 years and I have recently transitioned to another department in the company. I have come to realise that life/ work is just like highschool. This is definitely not revolutionary but it has been an interesting revelation.

I spent a lot of highschool hoping to reach the 'real world' however I have come to the realisation that high school never truly ends!

These are just from my experiences in the department I have worked in for the last 11 months and probably / possibly not reflective of all workplaces.

1) Cliques
I was never in the 'cool' crowd during highschool; in fact I was in the quiet, over achieving friendship group. Cliques are so prevalent at work and the 'cool kids' are definitely the ones who progress professionally. It is partly because they network, but also because birds of the same feather flock together. Naturally, I am not a cool kid at work either!

2) Gossip
Everyone is such a gossip and the grapevine is a very well used form of communication. I have learnt things from other offices / people I've never met / people I know and it has been a little weird. A few months ago I found out the project manager who sits 3 desks away from me had sex in the stairwell at work. YES. REALLY.

3) Drinking
Why are all social outings closely linked with drinking? I have never been much of a drinker however, over the past few years I have almost entirely cut it out. I don't have a reason; it simply is just not part of my lifestyle and I don't feel compelled to have a drink. Cue awkward social situations at work. Honestly it gets a little tiring. Although some people are okay with it, there is still a large portion of people who have the same mentality as those 18 year olds, "but come on! Why don't you drink??" And more importantly, why would I want to get drunk in front of people I work with? That is the question that I would love an answer to. Honestly, if anyone could explain the rationale behind the shennanigans that happen at Christmas parties I would also be forever grateful.

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