Monday, 16 January 2017

Haul: MooGoo Skincare Products

A bit of a different post! A few weeks ago, I was researching serums / oils to incorporate into my skincare. For those who have tried to research products online, it is completely overwhelming! There are so many products out there and of course, every product works differently for each person. I have normal / dry skin and my biggest concern (aside from wrinkles) is darkness particularly around my eyes.

I wear make up almost every day and a large part of it is due to the fact that it evens out my complexion. I have a lot of freckles which I have grown to ... tolerate. Honestly, I don't really care that I do have freckles except for the fact that without make up, my skin never looks clear even if I don't have breakouts. Ultimately, freckles make my face look ruddy and no they are not cute, they are only cute when there is a light smattering across the nosebridge and cheeks (look on Youtube for all those ridiculous 'How to Fake Freckles' tutorials). Laser for my freckles is a possible course of action and in the meantime, I wanted to address the darkness around my eyes. Cue researching new eye creams on Reddit and then I stumbled upon a recommendation of Moogoo for their Vitamin C oil. Shortly after I then made a purchase online.

I purchased the MooGoo super Vitamin C Serum $34.90 AUD.

Product Description
This serum is based around an oil soluble form of Vitamin C called "Abscobyl Tetraisopalmitate" or VCIP. Most forms of Vitamin C are water soluble. Because the skin is protected by a layer of oil, this means that water soluble Vitamin C does not penetrate well. However our Vitamin C dissolves in oil and so can be absorbed deeper into the skin.

VCIP at this concentration is especially good for pigmentation and sun damage. For this reason, we recommend it pigmentation around the eye area or other areas of the face where pigmentation is a problem

I also purchased the Tamanu Oil ($15.90 AUD) which I had briefly been researching last year when I was trying to find a product to help with acne scarring.

Product Description
Tamanu Oil is now becoming famous for its anti-ageing benefits abased on promotion of new skin and its assistance in repair. Ideal for acne, acne scarring and wound soothing. It is best applied in the evening or under a moisturiser.

They also kindly provided two samples: anti aging cream and small sample of the tinted moisturiser. I will start using the Vitamin C oil shortly and maybe I will write a follow up about my thoughts in a few months time.

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