Monday 6 March 2017

Seabay Handmade Noodle Restaurant

Historically, I have not possessed any semblance of restaurant loyalty simply due to the fact that new places are continually popping up. However over the past 9 months, I have found my favourites for various cuisines. My new favourite Chinese restaurant is Sea Bay Handmade Noodles. There are two locations - Eastwood and Burwood - and I have been 5 times now across the two places in the past 6 months!

The restaurant specialises in handmade noodles and dumplings, with the former dominating at least 80% of the menu. Typical of Chinese restaurants, the service is efficient and no fuss; the roles and responsibilities are clearly defined where their objective is to get you in and out of the place as fast as possible. Whilst this may be jarring to some, I actually much prefer it that way. Although I admit it is slightly disconcerting when the waitress gives the occasional stink-eye.

I admit, it looks like a bowl of lettuce. But there is a generous serving of noodles and dumplings underneath!

The noodles are chewy and a little firm

What my boyfriend and I like about the place are the large serving sizes and super cheap prices! Dishes are on average $13 which is incredibly cheap by Sydney standards.

Hot and sour soup noodles with wonton 

The place is completely no frills and cleanliness may be questionable, although I have never been sick. The food is cheap and tasty and there are so many other noodle dishes that I have yet to try.

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