Friday, 31 March 2017

New Beginning

I have been intentionally silent on my job front for quite a while now. Short story (and I would like to write a long story) is that I hated my job. Or more specifically I hated the organisational culture and management. People always say that there is more to life than work, however when it consumes a solid chunk of the week it becomes hard to separate the two. I was / am absolutely miserable and had a few breakdowns at home and at work; at one point after a massive crying session to my colleague I asked, "What is the meaning of my suffering". Haha. I think if I was to count the number of times I cried at work, it would be in excess of 15 times. Chuck in some anxiety (and probably little bit of depression) and the past 1.5 years has not been fun at all.

Anyways, I have officially resigned from my current workplace (an amazing way to end a Friday) and will commence a new chapter on 1st May.

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