Monday, 27 March 2017

Sunday is for Eating

I spent most of Sunday eating my way around Sydney CBD. First stop was a quick walk through the Barangaroo Reserve. Although I quite enjoy the short walk, my only grievance with the area is the lack of shade.

Belle's Hot Chicken was the first food stop. My boyfriend and I ordered the wings in 'really hot' and blue cheese sauce with sides of chips and a broccoli & almond salad.

The broccoli salad was subpar and didn't have much of a taste at all. As for the wings, boy, we picked the wrong level of heat. I can't tolerate too much heat and the wings were unbearable. Rookie error. I couldn't really taste the chicken as my entire mouth was burning and I was trying to chew and swallow as quickly as possible to minimise contact with the insides of my mouth. Ha.

We quickly went next door to Riva Reno for a gelato to soothe the burn.

Mango & yoghurt gelato. You can see that my boyfriend had tried to quickly take a spoonful first. Lol.

Next stop was Sushi Rio. I used to frequent this place during Year 12 and first year of university however I hadn't been back since then. Plates used to be $2.70 and now they are $3.50, good ol' inflation.

Soft shell crab is one of my favourites

Last stop was a visit to The Goods Line with pearl milk tea [not pictured]. The Goods Line is essentially a poor man's version of NYC's High Line. Similarly, it is a former rail line. However, it is only 500m long.

I have been MIA on my blog and also in the general blogging world for the past few weeks. Hopefully it is something that I can talk about in the near future. Hope everyone had a lovely weekend!

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