Monday, 10 April 2017

Celebratory Day

I made another attempt to look for pączki however was also unsuccessful. I thought the deli / bakery was separate to the Polish Club however it was in the same location and it wasn't open when I visited. I think I am officially giving up now. I ended up walking from Ashfield to Strathfield for two reasons: (1) It was a beautiful day and (2) I really wanted the exercise.

The Smelly Cheesecake Shop -  mocha and matcha cheesecake

I met up with S later in the day to celebrate my new job! We watched The Lego Batman Movie. Although it was a decent watch, I felt it was trying a little too hard at times to be funny.

We had dinner at Hurricanes and it was my second visit ever. I think I have eaten my quota of red meat for the month now but the ribs were good.

Half rack of pork ribs

In other news, I have been listening obsessively to the Harry Potter audiobooks - currently on book 4! - and I am somewhat disliking the series more than when I read it a decade ago. I always found the characters to be a little insufferable, but they seem to be even more annoying this time round. Nonetheless, I will finish the series!

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