Thursday, 15 June 2017

5 Places I Want to Visit Overseas

To complement my post about the 5 Places I want to Visit in Australia, I am here with a post about the 5 Places I want to Visit Overseas! This was a tough list to compile as the list is always changing. In reality, the places that I want to visit is insanely long however I have tried to capture the ones at the top of the list.

Unlike my Australia post, I feel that I might not end up visiting most /any of these places. It boils down to two simple reasons: time and money. Assuming that I am departing from Sydney, each destination is so far away and I don't think I can justify spending a whole day on a flight anymore when each day of leave is so precious. But one can dream!

1. India
Minimum flight time13 hours
India is such a diverse and large country; it is hard to really pinpoint where I would want to visit! I had originally planned on visiting in the first half of next year, but I am unsure if that will eventuate. The top regions I want to go to for a first visit are: the Golden Triangle and Ladakh!

Stupa at Lamayuru Monastery, Ladakh, India



2. Patagonia
Minimum flight time: 13 hours (to Santiago)
This is a region not a country, but I would love to do the W track hike. One day. Hopefully.




3. Namibia
Minimum flight time: 17 hours (stopover at Johannesburg)
This has been a new addition to the list. I have always viewed the African continent as a region that is difficult (travelling time) to get to. Subsequently, I have never given too much thought about it. However I recently saw some photos of Namibia and I think it looks incredible. If I had the courage, I would love to do a roadtrip through Namibia.

namibian desert

zebra lanscape

king of namibia

4. USA
Minimum flight time: 14 hours (to LAX)
My first and last visit to the USA was for a university student exchange semester. I want to return but this time with a different purpose. I spent a lot of the time city hopping on my last visit. However my travel tastes have changed and I enjoy getting out from the cities now. Top states I would want like to visit: Alaska, Oregon and Utah.

Gunsight Mountain - Alaska


Turret Arch through North Window at sunrise at Arches National Park, Moab, Utah

5. Scotland
Minimum flight time: 25 hours (to Edinburgh)
I briefly visited Scotland in 2014 however spent the majority of the time down in Edinburgh and Glasgow. If I was to return, I would love to spend time up in the Scottish Highlands. Stunning landscapes and untouched beauty (largely), of course it is right up my alley.



Quinag, Sutherland

Are there any places on my list that you would want to visit? Or have you been to any on the list?

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