Thursday, 28 September 2017

Monthly Recap: September

September is synonymous with spring cleaning and I finally FINALLY got around to modifying my blog layout. This involved trawling through the CSS to fix all the little things that have irked me for months. I also attempted to tidy my labels / tags which resulted in a walk down memory lane. There were some things that I thought only happened relatively recently when in fact they occurred almost 4 years ago! An attempt was also made to consolidate all my photos across various computers onto my HDD which was an interesting experience. I stumbled upon some "artsy" selfies taken when I was 18 years old haha.

The days are getting warmer and longer, and the leaves have returned on the deciduous trees. The area that I work in has a lot of those trees and it has been so lovely and inexplicably soothing when walking to and from work.

On the topic of work, it has been super busy as we are entering the final weeks before go live for a project. Although the pace is a little faster than I instinctively like, I have enjoyed being pushed out of my comfort zone and to be more fluid in my approaches. We are still trying to scope our requirements whilst doing user acceptance testing and getting buy-in from stakeholders.

September was an emotional month. However it highlighted that it isn't about not feeling those emotions rather, it is more about how to react and cope with them. I have been toying with the idea of writing a post about my mental health journey in light of the upcoming Mental Health Awareness Week in October. Yet, trying to find the line between being helpful and being overly and unnecessarily personal is a tough one to find.

I have also been trying to grow out my eyebrows and I noticed halfway through the month that one of them has actually been thinning out! Naturally this resulted in a frantic Google search which advised me that I should use Rogaine on said eyebrow. Instead of going down such a drastic route, I have skipped the eyebrow gel that I have been using. I hope that that was the cause of the thinning!

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