Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Adventures in Sydney: Warriewood Wetlands

I frequently open Google Maps and zoom into green areas in the hope of discovering a new place to explore. This often results in disappointment as I simply discover that it is a golf course. But I pinch out with my fingers and continue my hunt for another green spot on the map. And that is how I discovered wetlands that were not too far from home.

Warriewood Wetlands - spanning 26 hectares - is the largest remaining sand plain wetlands in the northern Sydney region. The 2.4km boardwalk weaves through the wetlands and, despite being located next to a road, it felt world's away from civilisation.

There were only 3 people I crossed paths with on the walk and I revelled in the serenity and beauty of the place.

The walk continued to Irrawong Waterfall which was only a trickle at the time; I will need to revisit after a lot of rain!

Warriewood Wetlands might honestly be one of my favourite spots in Sydney.

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