Friday, 23 February 2018

Bombo & Kiama

The beautiful South Coast is a mere two-hour train journey from Sydney. There are stunning beaches and unique geological attractions such as the Bombo Headland Quarry. The quarry consists of basalt columns, remnants of the blue metal quarrying conducted in the late 19th century.

The last - and only - time I had visited the area was 5 years (!!) ago. On that occasion, I caught the train to Minnamurra and walked to Kiama. This time, I decided to commence my walk from Bombo station, backtracked to Bombo Headland, then headed to Kiama and the Little Blowhole.

The weather was quite dreary originally and the waves were slightly terrifying.

Unlike my previous visit, there were so many people taking photos! Not that you would have guessed based on these photos.

I headed up to the headland to enjoy the view of Bombo Beach and Kiama.

There was a sign to Boneyard Beach - the name intrigued me so I headed down to the beach. Instead of sand, there were pebbles/rocks and lots of shells!

Bombo beach. The colour of the ocean was stunning.

A trip to Kiama is never complete without a visit to the famous blowhole.

I continued my walk to the Little Blowhole. Sadly, there was no 'blowing'. Despite the occasional drizzle and the wind, it was lovely to spend time down the coast by myself. Also, I must have walked at least 12km!

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