Wednesday, 25 April 2018

Dear You

Dear You,

I am no longer seeing red. Actually, it was a little blue after the encounter. But now it has reverted back to the natural state where I don't see any colour when I think of you.

How much can you really learn about someone from their curated space? I don't mean the things happening in their life, but the person's core self. How would you know about all the other aspects of their life that they choose to withhold? The things that make them laugh, the things that make them cry, their worries, fears and dreams.

You say that I am judgemental. Throwing that word around as though it is an insult. Fair enough: I am. But so are you. So is everyone. You are judging me who, allegedly, judges you. Pot meet kettle. You had no qualms about it when I thought highly of you - that is also a judgement. Being judgemental is not necessarily a cause for concern. Rather, it is when it is negative or inhibits personal growth that it becomes an issue. Judgemental or analytical. Tomahto, tomayto.

To spend €25 to return a 5-year-old gift is a strange, yet effective, way of getting my attention. Contrary to your convictions, the gift held no value to me. Did you get upset because I didn't react the way you thought I would because you believe that you know me so well based on your online lurking of my online self?

Perhaps it isn't obvious from the snippets I share online, but anyone who knows me knows that I have absolutely no intention of visiting Europe in the foreseeable future. So then the question is this - am I upset that you revoked the offer of hospitality (staying with you and your girlfriend) that I never even knew was there nor would have needed?

If you feel inclined to continue to use my photo as your Facebook profile picture, go ahead. As the owner of the image, I grant you permission. Although, do you ever ask yourself why you use that photo of mine. It is not even a photo of you, but of a sheep from my New Zealand trip years ago. A trip that you weren't on. Do you not have any photos? I know there are sheep in Switzerland. I also recently discovered the existence of livestock guardians and they are ultra adorable.

P.S If you wish to return more gifts, please send my ring and cash. Preferably the cash. You can bin the ring. I am quite aggressively saving for property which you could stay at. Oh wait...