Tuesday, 10 July 2018

Da Nang

Remember how I mentioned that we preferred to explore a city on foot? Continuing on with that idea, we decided to walk back to our hotel from Marble Mountains.

The good: It was one straight and - thankfully - flat road. Also, as it was approaching sunset, it was slightly cooler. Marginally.
The bad: It was 8 kilometres.

Da Nang was a bit of a strange place. It was experiencing rapid development; the long stretch of coast was littered with half-built resorts and hotels. From the vantage points at Marble Mountains, it looked as though someone had placed Monopoly houses at the beach's edge. As we walked the long, long walk back to our hotel, we saw quite a few new homes surrounded by empty land. One street would have a few new houses and the next street had a derelict shack and dirt side roads.

It reminded me a little of New Orleans on my 2012 visit; the centre of the city was "normal" but the outskirts had a post-apocalyptic feel.

We also passed a few random spaces with old carnival rides - wasn't quite sure if kids played on them or if they were simply abandoned. Nonetheless, it definitely added to the eerie vibe of the city.

Kem bơ (avocado ice cream) at Chợ Bắc Mỹ An. Super super delicious.

I also discovered something new about my body: earlobes don't sweat! Such a simple discovery on my sweaty walk but it amused me immensely (I may or may not have been completely fed up with walking by that point).

What is a visit to Da Nang without a visit to the beach! The following day after Hội An, we headed for a sunset stroll on the beach. I am very lucky to have access to beautiful beaches in Sydney which means that I am usually fairly underwhelmed by beaches overseas (at least the handful I have been to thus far).

Ft. sock tans

Cool looking fishing boats

Dragon Bridge

I am intrigued to see what Da Nang will look like in another 10 years.

Day 5 - 15 May 2018

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