Monday, 27 August 2018

Where Have I Been

Over the past 12 months, I have been spending an increasing amount of time offline. It all started in June last year when I deactivated my Facebook and Instagram account in an attempt to curb my social media consumption. It was a great decision - I suddenly had more time to do the things I really enjoyed (such as reading). It also forced me to take a step back from the curated lives of so many and live and focus on my own life in a healthier manner.

One of my 2018 goals was to spend even less time online. Unlike 2017 where this was a conscious decision, I have found that this year thus far, I have been unconsciously gravitating away from the online world.

To be quite frank, when I am online, I am often confused.

• If the Instagram algorithm is ruining your life, why choose to continue to use the platform?

•The sun sets at 4pm, but doesn't this happen every year and why is it so shocking?

• It is cold in winter / hot in summer. What a novel concept. (Disclaimer: I am not talking about the abnormal cold snaps / heatwaves)

• Live your best life, but only if you are able to parrot the phrase constantly at every available moment.

• Write something online that is factually incorrect and when corrected, refuse to acknowledge it. Is having a viral tweet more important than being correct?

• There are bezels on a phone, are we not in 2018! It is such a first world problem, I can't even.

• Don't worry about getting a screen protector / case on your phone, you should replace it every 2 years! Yes to rampant consumerism and waste!

• Skilful photo manipulations can be impressive, but what is really the purpose of superimposing a background? Are the likes more important than what you actually saw / experienced?

• Rains for 1 measly day in Sydney despite it being sunny with blue skies 99.9% of the time cue the "When will this rain stop?"

Whilst it may seem that I am frustrated, honestly, I'm just really really confused. I don't get it. So then the question is this - why would I choose to spend time on things that make me confused? Well, I wouldn't.

I know that it has inadvertently filtered down to my blog reading habits. I read most posts but my rate of commenting has been fairly dismal compared to my usual level. I have lost the interest and energy to engage with people online. I have also been struggling to find the motivation or desire to even post on my own blog.

Ending on a little bit of a downer, but it is what it is.

*(I recently purchased a new phone hence the references to phone and accessories above. For a brief moment, I did get sucked into the whole 'bezels will ruin your life' movement, until I realised I was being ridiculous and there are more important things in life. Heck, any phone will be an upgrade from my 5-year-old phone.)

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