Thursday, 20 September 2018

Adventures in Sydney: Australiana Pioneer Village

There are moments where I think I have done possibly everything that could be done in Sydney. And then I randomly stumble upon something on the internet and discover a new area to explore!

A few months ago, I went to Australiana Pioneer Village. The land was originally granted to William MacKay in 1797. It is open only on Sundays and is run by volunteers. Definitely have a read of the long history of the village here.

First stop was at The Bakehouse in North Kellyville. Hands down the best pies I have had in Sydney.

Shepherd's pie & Mexican pie

The Rose Cottage, built in 1811, is the oldest timber dwelling on the site; the other buildings were transported from various areas across Sydney.

Rose Cottage 

Two gorgeous draught horses (I think they are Shire horses).

Those eyes - horses are such incredible creatures.

Cool car

The village itself is quite small. But it is such a wonderful experience to be able to have a look at what life was like back in 19th century Sydney.

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