Saturday, 8 September 2018

Heathcote National Park: Kingfisher Pools & Lake Tooloma

My last day trip during my "summer break" was to Heathcote National Park, located south of Sydney and close to the Royal National Park. I completed a bushwalk to Kingfisher Pool with a slight detour to Lake Tooloma on the return journey.

The start of the trail was only a 10-minute walk from Waterfall station which meant that it was very accessible by public transport (train). Within the first 20 minutes of the walk, I lost sight of the path and commenced my scramble down the rocky hill. But when I got to the bottom, I re-discovered the path - no harm was done!


The walk to Kingfisher Pools was fairly easy. I didn't swim in the pool, although it looked tempting on such a warm day. It was fairly quiet and there were only two small groups.

The walk to Lake Tooloma was even easier as it followed the fire trail. An easy walk, but a tad on the boring side. The dam was stunning!

A fairly easy walk to two stunning locations.

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