Thursday, 1 November 2018

Historic Gold Mining Towns

Gulgong is a historic 19th century gold mining town, located a mere 30km from Mudgee. It is always amusing when travelling in rural Australia, how a place < 100km isn't really that far away.

On the way out of Mudgee, we stopped by the honey shop for honey (of course) and to sample mead! I have read about mead in multiple novels over the years and was intrigued on what it would taste like. The spiced mead was my favourite; reminded me of mulled wine.

There is just something about these type of verandahs that I adore.

After the stroll in the compact town centre, we headed to Flirtation Lookout for a stunning view of the surrounding area! I also picked up a gorgeous sun catcher for $2.50 at the local market.

A few months ago, I wrote about longing to see the stars. I have also been wanting to share this experience with someone who hasn't seen the beauty of the sky outside of Sydney. Unfortunately, it was quite cloudy on our trip. But in a short window of opportunity, the skies cleared up and I took these:

I think the trees look like broccolini - cannot unsee. 

On the way back to Sydney, we detoured via Hill End for Kissing Point Lookout. Hill End is another historic gold mining town where the largest gold specimen, Holtermann Nugget, was discovered. The town is classified as a historic site by the National Parks and Wildlife Service.

I had previously visited the lookout a few years ago and it was, admittedly, more stunning on that visit due to the low clouds that filled the valley.

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