Thursday, 29 November 2018

Long Jetty & Caves Beach

After I hit my 23rd birthday a few years ago, I stopped caring about turning another year older. In fact, I often forget how old I am. Perhaps it is because age is, in some ways, such an arbitrary concept. Nonetheless, in celebration for another year of life, we headed up the coast for a lovely day trip to Caves Beach.
We detoured via Long Jetty; stunning views and a peaceful stroll by the water.

Caves Beach, as the name suggests, is known for its sea caves by the coastline. They are only accessible in low tide and it was a lot of fun to explore the network of caves.

It hasn't been overly warm this spring (relative to previous years) and the water is a tad too cool for a comfortable swim. But we enjoyed dipping our feet in the water as we walked down the length of the beach. We also saw an intoxicated man attempt to duck dive under the waves with an opened can of beer and then proceed to drink said beer.

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