Thursday, 14 February 2019

Melbourne 2019

I have technically visited Melbourne twice over the past few years; one was for a work trip and the other was merely as the gateway to my Bendigo / Ballarat roadtrip.

My last proper visit was in 2014 and I saw the typical main sights. Over the past few years, I haven't had the desire to revisit the city itself. But due to a couple of factors - Jetstar's birthday sale (free return flight), S had never visited and the Australian Open was on - we decided to head for a short trip!

A lot of free ice blocks were consumed

In keeping with tradition, I got a borek from QV Market. It tasted different to the first and second visit. It honestly looked like the middle ground between the two - not as thick and not as thin.

It was interesting to revisit the same sights but with different eyes.

Okay the Shrine of Remembrance was a first visit. Really enjoyed it!

Tennis is one of the few sports I am mildly interested in watching over the summer. Of course, when the alternative is cricket ... well, enough said. Years ago, I watched all televised matches of the AO with my mum and it was just a lovely experience.

Rather than purchasing seats for a match at the larger venues, we had the Grounds Pass and watched David Goffin v Daniil Medvedev play. We also saw Maria Sharapova and Roger Federer on the training courts which was exciting!

Thankfully our visit was right between the heatwaves and the maximum temperatures were only 25°C rather than the 40°C!

And of course I have to briefly mention the food. First night's dinner at Go Noodle House. It was alright.

First brunch in months, perhaps the first in over a year? To be honest, I felt that the food was fairly underwhelming and overpriced. To put things into perspective, the two bowls of noodle above cost less than the two sandwiches (+ weekend surcharge) below.

I feel that I am less interested in eating out compared to a few years ago (and I didn't eat out very often before!)

This $14 sandwich was okay. Must admit I wasn't too impressed with the single slice of ham.

$14.50 Philly cheesesteak was the better choice. 

After all these years, I still firmly stand by the opinion that Melbourne does not look like a "European" city.

To see my video about Melbourne, click here.

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