Wednesday, 6 February 2019


I have dreams of working in the same company, to rack up the required years to be eligible for long service leave. Two months of paid leave. One can dream ...

But 13 21 months into my "new" role, the sheer thought of spending years in the same place is, quite frankly, horrifying. How do people do it?

There is nothing fundamentally wrong with my role or the company. Where I am and what I do ticks a lot of my boxes. But the accumulation of little things - admittedly I do allow them to fester - just gets a little bit too much. So it make makes me wonder if I am perpetually discontent. No, not discontent - that's not the right word. Perhaps the word I am looking for is restless?

Ignoring the soul crushing activity (known as job hunting) that would be required, there is something appealing about moving on to a new company where the quirk / issues / frustrations are unknown to me. Clean slate. Well, for the first 6 months perhaps until all is revealed.

I sound like I have commitment issues. Ha.

This was written 6 months ago when I was (clearly) struggling. These feelings have been resurfacing so I found my unfinished blog draft.

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