Thursday, 18 April 2019


After multiple declutters over the years, a specific item always made its way back to its allocated spot. Well, items to be more accurate. My journals.

Livejournal housed my semi angsty thoughts that - I perceived - were suitable for public consumption. Then I had my physical journal where I unleashed all my feelings. Unfiltered and raw.

I suspect that 85% of the content was about my struggles to cope with my feelings. Pages full of heartbreak, hopelessness, uncertainty and self-loathing. My younger self also catastrophised a lot.

But interspersed between all the angst, there were pages about my dreams, funny work stories, my crushes and about falling in and out of love. I also hadn't remembered how fun my retail job had been (at times).

I stopped journalling (properly) quite a few years ago however I always held onto the journals for sentimental purposes. But it is time now.

Goodbye journals.

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