Tuesday, 18 June 2019

Adventures in Sydney: Bardwell Valley Parklands

Growing up, a trip back to Hong Kong entailed a visit to a Chinese travel agency to organise the flights. The ones that advertise a 12 day international trip for something ridiculous like $600 (excluding flights) and only accepts cash payments. Eventually, we simply booked directly via the airline's websites and the act of visiting one of those tiny rooms filled wall-to-floor with ads ceased.

Well, that is until S' colleague suggested a travel agency to purchase our tickets as they were advertised for $600 return.

On the way back we stopped via Bardwell Valley Parklands, the only green space (apart from golf courses) in the area, and discovered the Prime Ministers Walk.

Australia has had 6 "different" Prime Ministers in the last 12 years which is bordering on being completely absurd. However on the walk, I discovered that it wasn't unusual in Australia's history. It was interesting to see the length of tenure from all Prime Ministers since the commencement of Federation; some lasted only a handful of days / months whilst others (well, one) held the position for 16 years.

Australia's first Prime Minister

FYI - we didn't actually get offered those prices, only the $1k flights. We booked the flights directly from the airline's website when we got back home.

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