Tuesday, 4 June 2019


I've been a little absent from my blog this year. This is largely due to the fact that I haven't really done anything ~ exciting ~ to document. Over the last 12 months, I've stopped doing things and started to slow down and enjoy the little things. As I've mentioned before, a few years ago I was going on frequent-ish domestic trips (my roadtrips) partly because I was unhappy and it was my form of escapism. There was nothing quite like soothing a frazzled soul by driving for hours across an endless - and sometimes mundane - landscape

If you ever felt the desire to just get away from humanity, all you had to do was drive four hours inland and there was plenty of soul-purifying space, heart awakening space and silence to get lost in.
Stranger Country - Monica Tan

But I am in a different place in life now and the need for frequent exploring is of lesser importance. Nonetheless, I hope to embark on my big trip near the end of the year and hopefully a domestic adventure in the next month or so.

Onto my update!


Work has been manic. I moved into a new role, reporting to a new boss last October. The boss is fine; it was quite an adjustment moving from my previous manager who was a micromanager.

// I wrote this post weeks ago and... my "reporting line" has changed yet again and I am in fact reporting back to my old boss. Old boss becomes my new boss. Ha. I am devastated. //

The role is tough. There are parts that I enjoy but there are moments where I'm not sure I am the right fit. There is quite a strong emphasis on interacting with stakeholders and having a greater degree of influence in meetings, and for someone who is an introvert, I'm finding (at times) that I really need to keep pushing myself even though I'm resisting on the inside. Or just dreading it. It's a struggle.

I've also come to terms with the fact that there is more to a job than simply the salary. Sure, I was aware of that before as mentioned in my Mudgee post. But after failing to negotiate a pay increase when I got my new contract (it was hardly a significant amount if I'm being totally honest - I already lowballed), being told it would get reviewed beginning of this year, then discovering I wasn't eligible for said review because I signed the contract after the cut off, I became a bit disgruntled.

Flexibility isn't something you can quantify and my workplace is - for the time being - fairly flexible for a large corporate. Just something I need to remember.

Oh, I also celebrated my two year work anniversary last month.

More life stuff

Losing friends in your 20s seems to be fairly normal, at least that is what The Internet tells me. Yet, it has been difficult to come to terms with the end of friendships. I could probably insert that quote about how some people come into your life for a season or for a lifetime, but I won't.

I've also moved into a new phase of life. I was quite nervous about it but things have been going well so far. I'm still waiting for things to settle a little and probably will touch base about it once it has.

For some odd reason, certain keys on my 7-year-old laptop have stopped working. I never realised how important the letter "t" was. This has meant that blogging has been a little harder as I now need to write it out on my phone which I don't particularly enjoy. I have on occasion written posts at work, however, as I am so busy now I simply don't have the time.

I picked up a gorgeous brick, I mean 1970s metal body SLR camera from the op shop for $20!! Twenty dollars may seem like a lot as I always read about people finding a bargain at flea markets which I never quite understood how as a quick eBay search can reveal its market value. Plus my other camera was $60 so.... $20 is cheap, relative. The lens looked like it was in fairly good condition although, upon closer inspection, there is some fungus that I will need to remove.

I have also been obsessed with vintage Pyrex bowls, or Fire King or Crown Pyree (the Australian company before Pyrex bought it). I am terrified of using them in the oven (aka its purpose) because I'm worried it will explode so I have resorted to using them as fruit bowls, vegetable bowls, catch all bowls. I need an intervention.

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